Affiliate Support - RESOURCES PAGE

We appreciate you joining Alver!

ALVER means the following:

  • SUPER-Food properties - rich in nutrients

  • SUPER-Natural in Origin

  • SUPER-Clean - replaces synthethic ingredients

  • SUPER-Saver - reduces CO2 emmission

  • SUPER-Valuable for Affiliates - 50% commission

  • SUPER-Trendy - the first 100 Affiliates shall receive ALVER NFTs FREE from Solsea Platform with LIFETIME Benefits*!


We have added 4 products available for our affiliates: 

Golden Heart, Golden Immunity, Golden Mobility, Golden Zen.


All of these products are unique in its composition and effects:

  • Balanced to support function of the heart, boost immunity, strengthen muscles or improve sleep and reduce stress.

  • Vegetarian capsules in a blister

  • 4 Premium Herbal Extracts, vitamins and Golden Chlorella®

  • Free from titatium dioxide


Below you find the list of possible Banners:

500 x 500 size banners : CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

800 x 600 size banners : CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

468 x 60 size banners : CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


More resources shall be provided upon availability.